Stretch Film

Stretch film is commonly used to hold products on a pallet. However, there are many other uses that you might not be aware of.




#1: Wire Reels
Wire reels of every gauge can be wrapped in puncture resistant film. There are several benefits to using the film. The first is that wires won’t unwind. The second is that the wire won’t pierce through the film, ensuring no one gets injured when moving the reels from site to site.




#2: Buckets
Once buckets of paint or other liquids are opened, it’s difficult for them to be resealed. This also makes it hard to move them without the contents spilling or leaking out. A layer of heavy gauged stretch wrap has the ability to work wonders.




#3: Furniture
It’s important to protect furniture of all sizes during transport. By adding a layer or two of film around the furniture, upholstery won’t get dirty. It will also provide an added layer of protection to the corners so that nothing gets nicked.




#4: Landscaping Materials
Bags of mulch, soil, and seed can rip open easily. A lot of waste could occur if a bag opens when it’s being moved around. Wrapping multiple bags of landscaping materials in film will make it easier to move the material without having to worry about any packaging ripping open.




#5: Catering
Food is often prepped and placed onto speed racks. To avoid the pans slipping off of the speed racks in the back of a catering van, they are often wrapped with stretch film. Then, upon arrival at an event, the film is removed in order to access all of the food.


Picture Frames


#6: Picture Frames
Picture frames can be extremely fragile. Whether the art is mounted behind glass or not, you want to take care of the frame, too. A few layers of heavy gauge stretch wrap will serve as a barrier. It will prevent scratches on the glass and ensure that nothing can puncture the canvas. You can also use foam squares on the corners prior to wrapping the artwork.


PVC Pipes


#7: PVC & Other Tubing
Pipes and tubes have a tendency to scatter because of their cylindrical shape. When it’s time to transport them, it’s beneficial to wrap them in max film. It will help to keep them all together so that they can be moved easily.

When you know more about the uses of stretch film, you can choose from the various types from Malpack Corp., it will make it easier to get tasks completed more effectively.

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