6 Amazing Office Printers Hacks

Business printers have become increasingly popular over the years and as personal and desktop computer technology has developed over the years,  so has the printing technology. Multi-functioning or All-in-one printers was created as an answer to consumers demand and a one-stop shop for all your “Printing Needs”. Needs that include scanning, photocopying and faxing.  Some even send and receive emails if the internet and wi-fi features are enabled. Here are our best tips, tricks, and hacks when it comes to mastering the art of printing.

  1. Paperwork

Move away from the cheap paper because they cause a lot of problems in your printer. They tend not to be uniformly cut, retains moisture causing curled edges, and gives off a lot of dust. When purchasing papers go for quality, not quantity. You also have to know your printer. Laser printers are usually better for text documents such as papers, brochures, flyers, and reports while Ink printers are better for image printing.

2.  Maintenance

You should keep your printer away from direct sunlight and know how to maintain it by reading the user manual. It is worthy to invest in a cover if your printer may be prone to a dusty environment Otherwise, you have to clean it regularly. If you possessed floor printer and placed against the wall, make sure the wall cords have enough space.

  1. Printer Settings

It is not wise sometimes to mess with the default setting of the printer. However, you may consume a lot of ink using your printer; the problem may stem from your resolution settings. Most printers have their default resolution set to 600 DPI or more. This may consume a lot of ink if you’re not printing something that needs very high quality, lowers the settings to reduce ink wastage and increasing the speed of printing while maintaining quality.

  1. Low on Black Ink?

You can utilize dark gray or blue by changing their font type. This may help you save time when the black ink is not timely available.

  1. Changing location

When moving to another location, ensure you take your ink cartridges out of your printer and put them in a well-sealed bag. The toner is more long-lasting and can endure the move, but the dangerous thing for ink cartridges is to be in hot/cold place. Keep it in a climate controlled environment until you replace in the printer.

  1. Be innovative

You can be more creative and innovative with your printing work; this can be done by consulting your manual and checking your printers capabilities. You can print on tissue paper, paper bags and other types of paper.

The use of a printer can be diverse and perform the incredible job. They can also be maintained and used in a certain way that may increase its functionality and durability.





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