When you’re running a small, insufficiently-staffed business, trying to handle as much as possible on your own might seem like the best and most practical course of action. Unfortunately, things can get counterproductive quickly. You can’t focus on issues such as shipping and at the same time provide your clients with the best standards of service. Aside from wasting a lot of valuable time preparing and sending the packages via post, you will lose a significant amount of money paying full price with each order. Couriers can, however, save you money and help reduce your workload, allowing you to serve your clients to the best of your ability. Here are five ways small businesses can benefit from courier services.

1. Speedy deliveries

Courier services offer rapid delivery times. With a dedicated courier service, you can choose a delivery option based on the urgency you need your package delivered, from same-day to next-day turnover times. Additionally, your packages won’t end up in some warehouse floor waiting for someone to pick them up and bring them to the destination. Instead, parcels are delivered directly to the client, changing hands with no one other than the final recipient. For any small business, fast services can be critical, more so if you rely on same-day deliveries.

2. Discounted rates

Considering the amount you’d need to set up your own delivery system and the fees charged by postal offices, couriers are by far the most cost-effective solution. Working on a flat-rate basis or implementing a per-mile pricing system keeps their rates very competitive. Thanks to the economies of scale, catering to a multitude of customers allows couriers to maximize their return on investment and pass the savings on to their clients.

3. Ease of use

In addition to providing faster deliveries and allowing you to save money, most couriers offer online management tools that can help you manage all of your shipping needs from your computer. With a dedicated courier, entrepreneurs can automate all of their small business shipping processes. Since you won’t be wasting any more of your time in endless queues at the post office or on the phone, you can use the extra time to find new prospects or serve your existing clients better.

4. Reliable delivery services

Small businesses recognize the exorbitant value of customer loyalty and return business. Offering your clients a consistent and dependable delivery service is therefore crucial to the growth and success of your business. Aside from ensuring timely arrivals, courier services guarantee that your packages will always arrive in good condition regardless of the destination or weather. Also, real-time tracking allows you to know the location of your packages at all times. To help you follow up each order, you might get an email notification as soon as your parcels arrive. In simple terms, couriers offer an unmatched level of reliability.

5. Comprehensively insured parcels

As much as courier services are currently the most reliable way to send a parcel, risks do exist. You’d want to have some guarantee in case something went wrong. Unlike every other service, couriers are fully insured. As such, both you and your client will be covered if your parcel sustains any form of damage. There’s a good chance that you can find more information at the Flagship Courier Solutions website.

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